Adminer plugins

I’m an Adminer newbie, and I’m interested in adding the dump-date plugin to date and timestamp my local exports.

That documentation is a bit confusing, and I’m not sure what the file structure in flywheel local should be to get this to work. What files will I need, and where should I put them to get this plugin to work?

Hi @emross,

Whenever you click on the “Adminer” button, a file named local-adminer-(RANDOM_STRING).php will be created in the site’s app/public folder.

I’d take what’s in there and then load in the plugins in that file.

Hi @clay

Thanks for the response. It seems like there are a few files at play. I created a subdirectory called plugins in app/public to put in plugin.php and dump-date.php as the plugin documentation specifies.

What I’m unsure about is where I should put the following code, and the modifications I need to make to have this work. I tried adding it to adminer-(random-string).php but it didn’t work. I should mention I’m still pretty new to php, so any guidance you have to offer I’m all ears :slight_smile: Thanks! -Erica

function adminer_object() {
    // required to run any plugin
    include_once "./plugins/plugin.php";
    // autoloader
    foreach (glob("plugins/*.php") as $filename) {
        include_once "./$filename";
    $plugins = array(
        // specify enabled plugins here
        new AdminerDumpXml,
        new AdminerTinymce,
        new AdminerFileUpload("data/"),
        new AdminerSlugify,
        new AdminerTranslation,
        new AdminerForeignSystem,
    /* It is possible to combine customization and plugins:
    class AdminerCustomization extends AdminerPlugin {
    return new AdminerCustomization($plugins);
    return new AdminerPlugin($plugins);

// include original Adminer or Adminer Editor
include "./adminer.php";