After 2.4.2 macOS update can't create new sites with Faster Docker Volumes enabled

After 2.4.2 macOS update, “nothing worked”. That’s not really helpful though.

I also found I couldn’t create new sites, the WordPress install would fail “version.php not found”, and SSH’ing in the root was empty.

Toggling Faster Docker volumes off, I was able to create a site… toggling it back on, it’s working again… and my existing sites are working again too.

Maybe just a edge case update issue. I usually update virtualbox (and nearly everything) via brew, I’ve seen those version mismatches cause headaches with local.

FYI, I’m still on 10.13,6 for at least a little longer…

To be clear, this is resolved, just documenting it was broken and how it was fixed.

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