Unable to start Wordpress site or create new ones MacOS

What issue or error are you experiencing?

Hello. Unfortunately, since today I can not create a new website or start an existing one. No matter if I change the database or switch on the router mode.

System Details

  • Operating System
    Mac OS Ventura 13.5.1

Local Logs

error copy.log (103.3 KB)

Hi @Marcuchka - thanks for reaching out! Based on the error message, I’m assuming you’re on an Apple Silicon machine?

Are you using the Apple Silicon or the Intel build of Local? And are you on the latest release of Local (v7.2.1)?

I’m experiencing this exact same problem and I can’t seem to find a solution. I’ve already spent multiple hours trying to figure this out and it’s really, really frustrating.
Screenshot 2023-09-16 at 2.54.03 PM

Could you provide some more details to help us take a further look?

  • What is your OS?

  • What version of Local are you on?

  • Please attach a copy of your Local Logs

Keep us posted and we’d be happy to help further!

OS Sonoma Public Beta.
Local v7.2.1+6433
Local Logs attached.
local-lightning-verbose.log (432.6 KB)

@daneoleary Hey Dane, thanks for reaching out - sorry you’re running into issues!

I’m not on the Sonoma Public Beta personally, so I can’t verify that… but the error message looks unrelated to Sonoma. As far as we know, Local works great for those who have tried it on Sonoma.

I’ve got two laptops open, one Intel Mac and one Apple Silicon (running Rosetta), each with the respective build for the machine. I am able to create sites with PHP 7.3.5 on both machines on the latest Local.

Are you on an Apple Silicon or Intel based Mac? And are you using the Apple Silicon or Intel-based build of Local?

Last question - I haven’t heard back from OP yet, but at least their error message references Rosetta, so a bit different than yours. If you’re on an Apple Silicon machine, do you have Rosetta installed? This is required for Local on those machines.

Your error message shows that Local is trying to create a site with PHP 7.3.5, but when it checks your Application Support directory, the files don’t exist. Do other PHP versions work for you?

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