Sites don't work after updating to Local v6.4.3 on Mac


Issue Summary

I updated Local and now my pre-existing sites won’t load at all. I created a new site on latest Local and it did work. I changed a pre-existing site to match the new site’s configuration (Apache → nginx and PHP 7.x → 8.0) and it still didn’t load. I have macOS Monterey 12.6 on MBP 16" Intel.

I manually reverted to 6.4.2 and the issue remained.
I checked my /etc/hosts file and it has the newly created site setup the same way as my pre-existing sites.

Log is attached.
local-lightning.log (28.7 KB)

I think it’s related to SSL/HTTPS because when I changed a working new site from HTTP to HTTPS the issue happened for that site as well.

Sure enough… I changed to HTTP via wp-config.php and now my pre-existing site (not a cloned one) works :slight_smile:

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