All page links redirect to homepage

I have setup a local site and added a WP menu and added to my site. When I click links from this menu to go to subpages I’ve created on the website, it redirects me back to the homepage. This happens for all subpage links. If I ‘view page’ from the WP dashboard, I can see the page, and then any attempt to get to the homepage results in an error saying "atsu-hr.local has redirected too many times.

I can’t seem to get both the homepage and subpages to be viewable at the same time. I end up having to restart the site to get the homepage to work again, but that then breaks subpage links.

I’ve rebooted my machine, restarted the site multiple times and get the same issues. The subpage links in my WP menu are identical to the subpage URLs.

Please help.


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