Allow Single Sites in a bulk plan to update PHP individually / Answered by FW: Avail. on Cloud Platform

I recently inquired about upgrading to PHP 7.2 on 1 single site, and was told we would have to update PHP for all of our sites as it was under a bulk plan.

Is it possible to not require every site to be updated when we only want to update 1 site? Seems extremely odd that it can’t be “per site updates.” I don’t think the billing model should affect PHP updates.

Hey @Shane, this is possible on the new Flywheel Cloud Platform (not Classic). We’ll be migrating customers to FCP throughout the year, so you’ll have more flexibility then!

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Awesome to hear! I’ll mark the title so. Thank you. Is it possible to move early? Or is that something that will just happen “automagically” on your end?

@Shane thank you for your patience!
You can reach out to your account manager to move early. This will require a DNS change but will result in zero downtime.