Almost Done with Local Flywheel

Hello guys. I installed LBF about six months ago on my Mac. I started a project and it was looking OK. I did not finished the project at that time and this week I went back and I saw that there was an update for the application which I downloaded. Since that day I could not open the file I was working on. I was not able to see the admin area nor the website. I made the decision to delete the file and when I tried to open a new project the path for the new project is through the old folder that does not exist anymore. For example …Local Sites/myoldsite/mynewsite. The situation is that I cannot open the new site nor the admin area either. Is there a way I can make a new account and start from scratch? I have spent hours today trying to fix this situation and I am almost done.

Hi @webpr,

I’m very sorry for the trouble!

When creating a new site, make sure that you’re not creating it inside of an existing site’s folder. If you’re still having trouble after that, can you please provide screenshots of your browser when you try to access the site as well as a screenshot of the site in Local itself?

Hello Clay. Thanks for the response. Attached please find screen shots.
1- As you can see on the path, the new site is created inside an old folder that does not exist. I don’t know from where Local Flywheel is reading that.
2- The second image shows that the new site folder is created inside an old, not existing site folder (real-estate-to-bootstrap) which I have deleted more than 20 times but it still showing.
3- When I click on the ADMIN or VIEW SITE the result is that browser cannot make connection.

Before the update everything was woking fine.

Please advise.


Hi @webpr,

So sorry for the delay getting back to you!

Between installing Local 6 months ago and now, did you install any software that manages the hosts file such as Gas Mask?