Help with a few things

Hi! Im new to flywheel and im loving it. Its very easy to use, but I have encountered a few problems. Im using word press to create 2 sites.

  1. When I start a site, edit it and go to stop it, it just gets stuck on the stopping animation and I have to just close local to stop it (which cant be great).

  2. How to I fully 100% delete a site? I had an issue when I had to uninstall flywheel and reinstall and when I tried to re add the sites, it kept saying that there was already a site with that domain (previously deleted one)

  3. One of my sites works perfectly but the other keeps pulling up the error 404 Site not found

Cheers! Sorry if I didnt give enough info, just let me know if anything else is needed.

Hey @CharlieC! Welcome to Local.

It does sound like there might be something going on in Local when you are trying to shut down the individual sites and it doesn’t complete the process without quitting Local to force it.

Can you please provide your local-by-flywheel.log file? See this Community Forum post for instructions on how to do so:

As for completely removing a site, Local does make adjustments to your hosts file for the sake of creating the routing necessary to connect a browser to the Local site. This might be the case but the log file should give us some more insight into that error as well.

For the site that gives you a 404 response, does it have any banners in Local suggesting there might be something to fix, such as this

Hey Matt!

Thank you for the fast response :slight_smile:
I have attached the logfile for you to have a look at.
local-lightning.log (233.8 KB)

For the error 404, I don’t see anything on flywheel that it is indicating a problem.