An add-on or directory with the name deploy-to-git already exists. Please choose another

As the title says, this was the error I received after running npx create-local-addon. I had kind of a false start, I entered “Deploy To Git” and “deploy-to-git” at the prompts, but deleted the generated project soon after creating (I created in the wrong folder).

But after running the same command and entering the same project name in a different folder, it says the app name already exists. How do I start a project under this name now? Did I register a name on another server somehow? Thanks!

Ah, nevermind! When running npx create-local-addon it generates a symlink in .config/Local/addons/whatever-you-typed So yea, if that symlink already exists when running create-local-addon, it doesn’t like that.

Deleting .config/Local/addons/deploy-to-git resolved this for me. Hope this helps someone!

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Hi @mataro -

Thanks for sharing what worked for you!


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