Are we not able to use our own dedicated servers?

I host my on sites on my dedicated server because I have roughly 400 domains to deploy.

If you have a bunch of sites, it’s much cheaper to purchase a dedicated server and a control panel.

I have Installatron on my server which allows me to setup staging sites for each domain which is very helpful.

However, CI/CD seems like it could utilize that and make it even better.

Unfortunately, I don’t see any options for SSH or dedicated server within Local, but maybe I’m overlooking it.

Here are my current server details if needed.

  • CPU: 16 Cores
  • RAM: 64GB RAM
  • DISK: 2TB >> 4x500GB NVMe SSDs
  • OS: CentOS 8
  • PANEL: Virtualmin\Webmin
  • LOGIN: SSH Key Required

I’m running 2 of these exact servers but with different content:

bump for help

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