AVG Antivirus reports IDP.Generic in local-wpcli-error-reporting.php

As topic, AVG reports IDP.Generic in local-wpcli-error-reporting.php.

Most likely a false positive, but still worth checking to rule out any issues.

After this I updated Local with the latest update and now I can’t start the application.
Nothing happens when I run as administrator, nothing shows up on the screen.

Latest Windows 10 updated has been applied.

I have the same problem
Thanks for your response !!

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When I start the instance, my antivirus showing up threat detection with code name IDP.Generic.
Is it safe to set to exception or go with blocked by Avast?

I know this is an old, closed topic, but I wanted to make sure it had an answer!

The IDP.Generic “threat name” is basically what Avast labels something that it thinks is malware. More than likely this is a false positive, but let’s take a closer look.

Basically, that file helps disable some error reporting that wpcli does so that if there were any PHP fatal errors, it wouldn’t prevent Local from interacting and performing actions on the site.

Since this is a PHP file, you can open it up with any raw text editor. This file doesn’t change much (ever?) and here’s what’s in there as of 2022-01-26:

 * This file is used by Local to suppress warning and notices when Local calls WP-CLI directly.
 * Typically, warnings and notices result in failed imports and undesirable behavior.
 * Unless explicitly called, this file will not modify the behavior of WP-CLI when WP-CLI is used from terminal.
error_reporting( E_ERROR );

If you see additional things in that file that look suspicious, then I suppose it’s possible that something has tampered with that file, but that’s unlikely.

If you are really concerned and want to submit the file for review by Avast so that their team can scan it and add to their “false positive” list, you can fill out the form here: