Downloaded latest Local update, Avast flagged the 'tempfile.ps1' and quarantined it as malicious so app won't open

I downloaded the latest Local update and Avast Antivirus flagged one of the program files - the ‘tempfile.ps1’ and quarantined it as malicious (IDP.ALEXA.53). Anyone else have this issue and/or do you know if this might just be a false positive. I sent an email to Avast about it but haven’t received a response yet. Also, I scanned the entire update folder on Virustotal and it didn’t find any issues.
I cannot open the Local app now.
Installed on Windows 10.

Hey @ETA, Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

I’ve seen that error before. You can ignore the error or manually re-install the Microsoft libraries as is mentioned in this forum topic:

Okay thank you for responding.

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