Background Images in Beaver Builder WP Site not showing

I saved my live site with Duplicator, dropped the zip file into Local and all seemed to work well. The site is mostly working fine, but the background images and the logo photo in the menu bar are not showing. Here is the live site . . .

Here is a Live Link to the Local site . . .

On the Home page, Paper page and Fiber page, they all have the backgrounds missing which are all there on the live site.

I tried a search for an answer on this, but no success. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! This is my first attempt at using Local by Flywheel.


Looks like you had a find and replace error with Duplicator. The homepage is requesting http://45a406fb.ngrok.iowp-content/uploads/2016/09/cool-room.jpg. Notice the missing / after I would try using duplicator again, but make sure to not replace that trailing / in the domain.

Hey Justin, thanks much for the speedy reply! I will try doing that. That for helping to find the error! I’m kinda new to all this.

I tried using Duplicator again, but I could not find a place to fix or change the trailing /

I also tried clearing the Beaver Builder cache before using Duplicator. No luck.

So I’m still stuck at this point. Should I try something other than Duplicator perhaps? I feel like I’m so close to all of this working.

Hi @noseyboy,

One thing you can try is importing the Duplicator package with Local.

You can do that simply by dragging and dropping the Duplicator backup zip onto Local’s main window or Dock icon and then following the steps.

Thanks Clay. I will look into that.

WP site (not live)
using elementor (not Pro) page builder
using generatepress premium
using local by flywheel 2.2.1 (PR)
when i place background image on local computer and enable live link to client, the background image gets dropped - site is not live yet so absolute vs relative URLs doesn’t apply here does it?

Hi @kkaoss,

Absolute URLs won’t be replaced in assets such as CSS. Your best bet is to use relative URLs if possible.

Thx I figured it out Clay - thx for explanation

@kkaoss what was your solution in the end to get background images to display? I can’t see how you can replace the urls via Elementor.

the only solution, till Local will manage to fix the images url in CSS (if is possible) is to use the trick here: