Appearance differences between local site and live site

Hi folks
First post so be gentle with me! :grinning:
I’m fairly new to WP and recently installed the latest version of Local, in order to further develop a friend’s WP website.
I got the site into Local by means of the Duplicator plugin.

Trouble is, the local site looks different to the live site. The layout differs in several respects…some images are positioned and sized differently, some of the layouts have changed position, the slider is now just a big block of formatted text, etc.

I’ve tried looking for incorrect paths but all seems in order,. though as a relative newbie I may have missed something.

I’ve created the Duplicator package several times, and imported it several times, always with the same results.

Chrome isn’t throwing up any errors as far as I can see.

I’ve imported other sites that I look after, and they work correctly on Local.

I’ve spent several days trying to sort out what’s happening, and decided it’s time to ask for help.

Any suggestions please, anyone? :smiley:

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