Beaver Builder not connecting to Mailchimp list

I am having issues when set up with my local environment in Local by Flywheel. I am using Beaver Builder and trying to connect with my Mailchimp list in their subscribe form. It appears Beaver Builder cannot connect to my Mailchimp list. I contacted Beaver Builder support and they noticed the same issue. Using my account they connected to my list just fine using MAMP but when they tried using Local by Flywheel they couldn’t see the list. They seemed to think it had to do with the virtual machines and suggested I contacted you guys.

Hey @lukenetti3

Do you have any additional debugging information from the Beaver Builder support?

Can you also describe a little more about what you are trying to do and where things are failing? If you have screenshots that would be helpful.

My guess is that the way in which Local handles routing is causing issues.

If you enable WP_DEBUG as well as WP_DEBUG_LOG within the wp-config.php file and try doing what you are doing – do you get any additional information?

Here’s more info on how to enable those things:

I’m guessing that if this is during an AJAX request, then the error will be logged to wp-content/debug.log

Let me know what you find when trying those things!

– Ben