Best way to test on Mobile Device?

Hey Guys,

What is the best way to test on mobile devices on your local network? right now i’m just using the ngrok live link but its painfully slow.


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Hi Ivan,

Right now Live Links are the best way to do that.

We’re currently looking into putting the tunnels on the Flywheel infrastructure to improve tunnel reliability and speed.

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any updates on that?

Would be awesome to be able to have a more direct way to test on mobile devices.
So far ngrok was always frustrating for me - like worked one time and than not any more (maybe I am doing something wrong or my setup has a problem with ngrok) and testing via HTTPS made extra problems.

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I second that a more direct way to preview on mobile would be awesome (but a faster ngrok service would of course make me very happy as well) :slight_smile:

Maybe by way of IP-adress as with other localhost solutions, or maybe by app or USB-cable? Personally I don’t mind a bit of setup in the beginning of my workflow as long I can simply refresh my phone browser once I’m setup.


Thanks for everything so far! :smiley: