Beta Confusion and bug report 5.0.7

A couple of points of confusion on the Local Beta:

  1. For viewers not logged in, there is a prominent topic pinned to the top of the community forum about the 5.0.6 beta release and an announcement about the beta program. The latest release is, as far as I can tell, 5.0.7.

  2. For viewers who are logged in, these pinned topics disappear. To find the beta one now has go to the Releases category. I’m not sure why you would want the beta more prominently displayed to casual visitors…

  3. The beta group is closed so there is nowhere for people who accept the prominently displayed invitation to test the beta release to post their observations.

  4. I have an observation to post. I have successfully imported sites exported from Local 3.3.0 in 5.0.6. However I am unable to import in 5.0.6 or 5.0.7 any sites that I have exported with either of those releases, nor can I import them back into 3.3.0. The first screenshot is an error generated by 5.0.7 in the import process for an export from 5.0.6. The second is an error generated in the import process from an export from 5.0.7:

  1. Happy to help, but you’re not making this easy for me ; - )

I think this might help with the importing site archives into Local 5.0.7.

Thanks @philby. That clarifies some things. Now I can see I’m not the only one having this problem.

Thanks to the Local support team, points 1,2, and 3 in my original post have been addressed.

Local beta 5.1.0 is now released.

And there is now an open Local beta group.


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