5.1.0 First Impressions

Just a few impressions.

  1. It would be a tremendous help if we didn’t need to run the export/import of all our Local 5.0.x sites for Local 5.1.0.

  2. Exporting Local 5.0.7 sites that contain symlinked plugins fails as the symlink isn’t copied but a partial copy of the plugin results. Only the root level items in the symlink are copied any child folder items are empty. This causes a PHP fatal that can be difficult to identify.

  3. I love that an app/public/sql folder and backup .sql file is created every time the site is stopped.

  4. Open Sequel Pro works! Yes, you will need the Sequel Pro nightly.


Is exporting from 5.0.7 necessary? Doesn’t 5.1 install over 5.0.7?

It’s a brand new app.

Ah yes, I see… Local 5.0.7 is Beta, is called «Local» in Finder and Local (Beta) here on these boards, whereas 5.1 is a Beta as well and is called «Local Beta» in Finder as well as here. I’m not sure I quite understand the reasoning behind this, though :slight_smile:

Now I’m wondering if going through (yet another) export - import cycle of all sites is worth it to no longer need to to the Sequel Pro Socket dance. This would probably be about the only difference I’d notice, mySQL 5.7 being in the (hopefully near) future.

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This is really nice feature, but I wish there was a way to turn it off. Stopping/restarting is super slow for large multi-site installations, even when DB size isn’t that big. Related feature request.

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