Local (Beta) --> Local (Final)

Quick Q before I jump in and migrate my local 5.0.7 sites over to Local Beta 5.1.1:
I assume Local Beta updates will install easily one over the other (ie. Local Beta 5.1.2 installs over Local Beta 5.1.1).
How about when there’s a non-Beta version, will a hypothetical Local 5.2.0 install and use Local Beta 5.1.x data, or will we have to jump through the «export all sites and then re-import» game?

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Hey @philby, going forward we’ll always have 2 releases available: Local (stable) and Local Beta

Local Beta will receive weekly updates and Local (stable) will receive updates less regularly (likely monthly). We’d recommend using which ever build is most reliable for your use-case.

As an example, I use Local Beta day to day instead of Local (stable). This saves me the headache of importing sites back/forth but brings with it a few bugs :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads-up!
I’ll probably stay on Local (Beta) instead of moving to Local Beta, then, at least until Local Beta can change MySQL versions while Local (Beta) can’t – I’m not on Local to play with Betas, really, so Local (Beta) non-Beta is probably better suited than Local Beta (Beta).

(Did I get this correctly: Local (Beta) 5.0.7 is the (stable), non-beta version? It is a bit confusing, TBH. :innocent:)

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Makes sense to me! But yes, it is confusing. Local v5.1 will likely drop the (Beta).

We introduced Local Beta to make things clear longterm, but in the short-term things a big confusing. Thanks for your patience!