New site from blueprint doesn't work

  1. I imported a live site to Local by Flywheel (LbF)
  2. I made some changes to the local site.
  3. I saved the local site as a blueprint.
  4. I created a new local site from the blueprint.
  5. When I clicked “View Site,” I see a blank page.
  6. When I clicked “Admin,” I was sent to the login page for my LIVE site, not the local site. (How does THAT happen?)

(I’m still using Local version 3.0.4, because the recent update was totally not working for me. Thus I completely uninstalled and then installed the previous version.)

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Hi @jimratliff!

Thanks for stopping by, are you still having this issue? if so…

Are you using any page builder plugins or themes by chance? There may be some caching or them not wanting to use the theme on multiple domains (paid theme.) We could take a look at your log if you wanted to upload that as well.

If you have the site you could do a normal export -> import and add the site again if it isn’t working from blueprint (workaround.)

Before I go, one other curiosity…What in the new 3.2.1 Local version wasn’t working well for you?

Thanks :wave:

Thanks for your reply. But that was eons ago in webdev time, so I’ve moved on. I’ve given up on blueprints; I’ll just build each one from scratch.

After I installed the update, it offered to update/upgrade my environment, after which it just hung forever.

So, likewise, I’ve moved on. I’ll just stay at the previous version, and keep remembering to ignore the “there’s a new version” messages.