[Bug] Windows 10 Battery Notices Inaccurate, Don't Do Anything

I’m running Windows 10 Pro v1803 with Local 2.4.2.

Since upgrading to 2.4.2, Local gives me a warning about shutting down my sites when my battery reaches 5% with over half my battery remaining and shows a notice that my sites will be shutting down automatically when my battery reaches 50%. At that time, nothing actually happens to my sites or Local, it’s just the message.

Not a big problem now that I know what’s going on, but it was definitely concerning the first couple times.

Hi Mark,

I’ve filed this as a bug in our internal tracker. It looks like there are some issues with the dependency we use to get battery levels/statuses.

Thanks for the report!

Someone should confirm this, but I haven’t seen this error in a while now and I suspect it’s been fixed up stream?