Error 502 on my web site after 2.4.1 update on Windows 10

i’ve been making the last update of Local (Windows 10), then the environnement update with a clone of my site. The cloned web site starts but I have a 502 error on the site and admin.
Refreshing page, restarting Local, then updating virtualbox, then restarting manually virtualbox.
Nothing changes and my client is waiting for his website… :frowning:

I just read the local community post, but I didn’t find anything else but what I did to try to fix that.

Any clue before using an other software, even if Local was really good before making me stuck ?
I’m not able to analize the logs…


Local Router Logs (40.7 KB)


Sorry for the 502 after the update!

Can you also provide the log files for the site that’s 502ing? Here are instructions on how to do that:

  1. Right-click on the site in Local’s sidebar
  2. Go to “Show Folder”
  3. Zip up the “logs” folder
  4. Upload it here

Same exact thing here on macOS highSierra. Can’t add new sites either.

local-by-flywheel.log (97.7 KB)


See my reply here: Cannot create any new sites

Hi Clay, thanks for having a look…
Here is the log folder… (46.1 KB)