Building in Local, Replacing a Live Site: Process?


Apologies if this is elsewhere – but I haven’t found anything specific.

This is my first time using Local to build a site.

I’ll explain my particular situation, and I’m hoping to get some experience from folks to avoid making mistakes.

I have a site currently running, but I’m doing a brand new site design from scratch in Local.

When I’m done, what I’d like to is replace the current site with the new one.

I’ve seen two plugins suggested – All in One WP Migration; and Duplicator. But I’m not sure what’s best – or what process should be followed.

So I’m looking to see what others do in this same situation. I’d like to backup and download the old site [just in case] and replace the live site with the one built in Local.

In addition – I worry about directory/permalink structure because of the “site domain” section on Local. When I used the real domain – it caused issues. So I used a different one on Local. Does this mean no links will work when I replace the live site?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your attention.

Hi trobotcrow (and all you MSTies out there),

This is a bit similar to my topic/question I posted today:

I am also developing in Local and want to replace the live site, but I don’t want to overwrite the latest WooCommerce orders/customers. I suppose another option in addition to what I wrote is to backup the entire live WP database (or use All-in-One WP Migration or Duplicator), push from Local to live Flywheel, and then restore the WooCommerce database as needed to the live site – if that can be done by selecting “restore WC only” or something, and not wreck the other WP stuff (themes, plugins, etc). Any help, insight, experience replacing sites is appreciated. Thanks!