Copy current live wordpress site to local?

Hi, I couldn’t find this topic by searching but I imagine that it should exist, so I apologize if it does!

I am new to LOCAL and I would like to take a current live site, copy it (or export it), and then import it into LOCAL. I am not sure how to do this at the moment and would love some help! I hate working on the live site and I really want to do this! <3

Thank you!

Hi @kbaxter,

The easiest way to move your site (assuming it’s not on Flywheel) to Local is to use Duplicator (free) or BackupBuddy to create a full backup of your site.

Once you have the full backup, you can drag and drop the zip straight onto Local’s dock icon or window to import it :slight_smile:

Is there any other type of backup that will work? I am having trouble getting my site copied with Duplicator and I am not authorized to pay money for a backup service (which I am guessing BackupBuddy is). I really appreciate your help!

You might find this thread helpful.

@Clay, suggest this would be helpful as a FAQ.

I tried this using the with the latest version of Local (3.0.2) and WP (5.0). It transferred files on to my PC, but any edits I do are being redirected to the live site. How do I local from updating the live site.