Push to Flywheel live site without overwriting WooCommerce database?

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a WP site on Local (preferred install); it’s connected to the live site hosted on Flywheel. Once I’m done changing the theme and plugins locally, I’d like to push the newly-designed site to Flywheel – but I don’t want to lose the customers, orders, etc generated on the live site while I was developing locally.

Is there any way to do a push without overwriting specific (WooCommerce) tables or databases? (Maybe this is built in already, I’ve never done a push before.) Can we select what gets pushed (and what doesn’t)? Any other options or experiences pushing a local site to live while retaining about a month’s worth of changes to the live WooCommerce database?

Thank you,

The easiest way to do this would be to turn off the “Push Local Database” option.

Alternatively, you could also

  1. Put the site in Privacy Mode
  2. Export the Database
  3. Push the site to Flywheel
  4. Finally re-import the exported database.

All the WooCommerce order details are saved in the Database and re-importing that after the Push, will get them back.

Thank you! That is very helpful and encouraging.