Cache Flushing Issue: Understanding WP Local and WP Engine Communication for Push/Pull

Hello WP Local Community,

I’m currently facing an issue with my WordPress deployment workflow and could use some help understanding the process better. Here’s the situation:

I am using a local development environment (WP Local by wp engine) to manage my WordPress site. When I push my changes from WP Local to WP Engine, the database changes are immediately reflected on the WP Engine server URL. But when I use my git hub actions then the changes only appear after I manually clear the cache on WP Engine. This problem also occurs when deploying changes via GitHub Actions.
My Questions:

  1. How does WP Local communicate with WP Engine to push and pull changes?
  2. What are the steps involved in the deployment process when pushing from WP Local to WP Engine internally?
  3. Why might the database changes not reflect immediately, and how does cache flushing affect this?

Hi @Mkoduru

With Local Connect + WPE our push includes a request that attempts to purge all WPE caches automatically and allow changes to show up right away without much manual effort needed.

When working with Github there is an optional CACHE_CLEAR deploy option you can input. There are details about this in WP Engine’s support center document below. Is that something you’ve tried already?