Not seeing push at my WP Engine hosting

I just made a quick change to a test site with my local instance and pushed it to my WP Engine hosting. I’m not seeing any updates whatsoever. I’ve purged the WP Engine cache and cleared my browsing data.

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I just pulled a brand new install on a WPE dev environment. No issues. Spent 48 hours developing the site on my Mac. But when it came time to push my new site, nothing showed up for me either.

Spoke to WPE support. They said I have to wait until Local provides support to push the database. Right now it’s listed in the app as Coming Soon.

Would have been nice to know we can only pull and not push with WPE! Now I need to figure out how to perform a manual migration.

I had high hope for this product. :pensive:

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Same. Pretty useless for a one-man/small dev team that don’t need to worry about overwriting changes on the live site!

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