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Calling testers for TablePlus Addon for MacOS

Would love to submit this Addon to the official addon page for 5.x, but need some confirmations that it’s working on other machines!



Hey @aubreypwd! It works great on my Mac. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

2019 16" MacBook Pro
MacOS Catalina
Local Beta 5.7.0 and Local 5.6.8
TablePlus 3.7.1

Love the on style link.


This is looking great @aubreypwd – thanks for taking the plunge and creating a Local Add-on!

I’m on Local 5.6.10 and the only piece of feedback I have is that clicking the “TablePlus” link from the addon’s page results in an error:

Shared with CloudApp

Shared with CloudApp

Yeah I know that’s a thing, and I wonder if maybe when it’s officially on the addon’s page if that will change? I also may need to look at maybe populating package.json properly too… But if this is the only bug for 1.0.0, that’s fine for now.

Thanks @ben.turner for your feedback, did it work with your running version of TablePlus?

Hey @aubreypwd – Thanks for submitting the addon!

I just received some clarification about the above error message – The reason that this error page is showing is that the add-on hasn’t been registered with the marketplace yet. Once the plugin has been accepted to the marketplace, it should work as expected!

Just checking in on that acceptance into the marketplace? I submitted it a while back, via the form. I have had many of my peers at WebDevStudios (and some friends on these forums) test it out with success! Again- just checking in is all! Thanks!

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Just chiming in here, I tested your package file and it works great. Thanks for leading me to some solutions to the boilerplate packaging issues. Plus I use TablePlus and this was handy!

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Any reason why this isn’t in the marketplace?

@clay ?

@aubreypwd I am using v1.0.0 of the add-on and in Local Beta 5.9.0 and Local 5.9.0 I get the following error when clicking on the Database tab.

Turning the Add-on off and restarting makes it work again, but I can’t use TablePlus.

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Hey @aubreypwd – thanks so much for your patience with this as we figure out how to streamline getting addons into the marketplace.

I wanted to let you know that the TablePlus addon will be included in the beta release that should happen later this week!

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I am using v1.0.0 of the add-on and in Local Beta 5.9.0 and Local 5.9.0 I get the following error when clicking on the Database tab.

This has been fixed in the latest version v1.0.1, could you update and try again?

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Perfect again, thanks!

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Hey all, just wanted to ping this thread to let you know that the TablePlus add-on has been published to the Marketplace and is available to download within Local.

Thanks again for the submission @aubreypwd, its an awesome addition!