Add support for TablePlus

Would be great have a TablePlus button in the database section to open it as you can do for SequelPro.

+1 for adding this support!


Since Sequel Pro is not very actively maintained (Llst stable release was in 2016) and does not work with MysSQL 8, unless you install the nightly build, it would be great to have support for TablePlus in Local which works great with MySQL 8.

I know you can copy paste the socket but a one click button is always super handy.

Hey there! This is possible manually for now (hopefully automatically soon). Checkt this help doc for connecting TablePlus with Local:

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I’m looking forward to an automatic version with a link under Site > Database > Connect > ‘Open TablePlus’ in Local. I’ve used to love Sequel Pro but since the update to Catalina and the lack of support from the devs there, I feel it’s time we all moved onto something else that’s supported. TablePlus seems like a good alternative.

I would love to get feedback from anyone here using MacOS on my solution for this.


How about adding support for Sequel Ace, the follow-up to Sequel Pro? Its open-source, it’s free, it’s being quite actively developped, and it’s available from the macOS app store.

I think that would be awesome! Going forward, this sort of feature will likely not live in Local core, but instead, be provided via an add-on. @aubreypwd’s TablePlus addon would probably be a good place to review before creating the Sequel Ace addon:

You can now access the Local site’s database within TablePlus with the new TablePlus add-on.

For more info about the add-on or to help improve it, see the dedicated category in the forums:

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