Can I be developing more than one site at a time in Local?

I’m in Local, I have a site I’m building that is active in WP. I want to make a second option. How do I do that in Local? I added a unique site name to my local site list. When I click on it, I’m asked to login to WP. When I try, I’m told by the WP screen that my user name/password are incorrect. So…

  1. Do I need a unique WP user name/pword for each site?
  2. Do I need to not have both sites active in Local at the same time?

I’m an experienced graphic designer that is new to web designing. I find myself stumbling on how to have best practices when using the Local environment with WP (and then using the Divi Theme builder as my main design tool). Any help or “conceptual explanation” on how it works would save me a lot of tire tread. I’m just going in circles. Thank you in advance for your time!

You can setup multi users to manage from one user account. Or you can create each with separate user name/passwords for any new site u add. Take the plus sign to add new.