First Site Done... Adding A Second... Now What?


I’m brand new to Local and fairly new to Wordpress. I’ve just started subcontracting building sites for someone, and I’m learning the ropes. I installed Local and successfully built my first site, pushed it to Flywheel, etc. Everything went smoothly.

I’m now ready to start on a new site for a different client. So, that’s what my questions are about…

  1. When I add a new site on Local, does that create a separate Wordpress install?
  2. Can I use the same login info for Wordpress for this site as I did for the first site?

My main concern is not messing up the first site when I start on the second. They are two totally separate projects and need to be compartmentalized. From what I understand. I should not use multisite.

I would love input from someone who knows what they are doing!



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  1. Yup, it’s an entirely different install in a separate Docker container.
  2. You can, but it’s not recommended. You’ll have the option to choose your admin username/password when creating the site in Local.

Correct! :slight_smile: