Can I see Pulling progress from WPEngine

I have a 9.5GB site on WPEngine which would take a few hours to download at my current location. I have initiated a pull in Local and it says Pulling…
I checked the destination/app/public folder and there is only a _wpeprivate/autoload.sql file.

I haven’t seen any other files come into /public for a couple of hours.

Are the rest of the wordpress files coming in as a bulk to a hidden temp cache elsewhere, or should I be seeing some incremental items appear in /public as the download progresses?

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I would also like to know if there is a way to see the progress of a site while it’s pulling. I have had trouble pulling all of my sites on Manjaro Linux, but there is no indication of any error until I manually go into the logs.

Update, I’m trying to pull a test site today that is only a few MB in size. It is churning away with the ‘Pulling…’ message, but nothing is happening so far after about 20 minutes. I’m thinking there is some other issue with Local.

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