Can I Use Lightning-Services Outside Open Site Shell?

With the modern Local I’ve taken to just cd-ing to site folders and using the “normal” Terminal rather than relying on the Open Site Shell feature. This is especially convenient when using the integrated terminal in VS Code when editing plugins and themes for a client site. I have tools such as php, mysql, and wp installed on my Mac via Homebrew, but those tend to end up always the latest versions, and even more to the point are stuck as just one version per system at a time. Since Local can use separate versions of these tools per site, I’m wondering if anyone has come up with a way to use those specific “lightning-services” instead of system-provided versions when within a site’s folder, without needing to jump through Local’s Open Site Shell first? That is, to have the shell (I use Fish) use specific paths for tools depending on what folder you cd to.

I’m trying to get phpenv going as my first attempt at something like this, but using an Apple Silicon Mac and Big Sur, have had a lot of trouble getting that to build any version of PHP. But I am intrigued by its feature to set version used based on a hidden file. Hence, the question about using the “lightning-services” in a similar fashion. For the purposes of developing with Local this would actually be better anyway than phpenv, as it’d be using exactly the same tools, not just the same versions.

Is this at all possible right now? Or, alternatively, I read somewhere here that a feature being developed for a Local update is a full-fledged command-line tool. Maybe along with that there could be some way to be able to set up your shell to use the “lightning-services” appropriate to the folder?

Ultimately this is a mix of a question, and if not doable yet feature request.

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