Can i use the All in One WPmigration plug-in?

Hi, Clay.

I just installed Flywheel local and i find it very usefull. Good work!

One question: i see one can use plug-ins like Duplicator and others. They are a bit technical. I use All in One WPmigration regularly for migrating sites from a website that i use to build a Wordpress website to the server of the cient. That works perfectly. But it is of course slower building the site. Does migrating with AIWPM work?

Slightly off-topic because I have not used AIO WPM (looking at the plugin page, though, I see no reason why it wouldn’t work - fortunately it’s free to try*). I develop my sites locally (using Local, of course) and then push changes using Git**. This also has the benefit of allowing me to use a plugin like Revisr (where supported - some hosts ban git from the command line; there are others) so that when the client updates a plugin or changes a file, I can push the changes from the production site and pull them to my development instance.

If it’s a new site, I just upload the themes/plugins/uploads folder (depending on the web host, sometimes it is better just to do a Git push).

Though it hasn’t been updated for a couple of years, it still works very well - For syncing the database (whether I’m pulling client data changes to my local development instance or pushing my own data), I use the Database Sync*** plugin.

Obviously, Flywheel is going to recommend that you host with them as this is all taken care of and the integration is tight.

(sorry for the digression)

*It is worth trying, too. Nothing compares to Local (and I have tried them all, several times).

**Fortunately, all of my clients are on Git-capable hosts (If not, I make them switch else tell them it will cost them a lot more in maintenance). Obviously, if the client’s host doesn’t support Git (gross), that is not an option. I suppose that I would use something like git-ftp (free) or if I had a lot of clients without Git, something more robust like FTPloy (there are others as well, but they are one of the less-expensive). This is why I push (pardon the pun) all of my clients to use a decent host.

***I have been meaning to fork Database Sync to update it, but I have not had the time. It is on my list. Fortunately, it still works perfectly (Note: iThemes Security Pro will block it unless you comment out a line in .htaccess).

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your thoughts and tips regarding this.

I am building websites for a long period now. I used Wamp server in the past, but that gave me some trouble. Then I started to buy a big packet with a hosting company Antagonist in the Netherlands. There i have 5 WordPress websites wich I use to develop websites for clients. When the client is satisfied I migrate it to their server, and check if it works good. I use All in One Migration for the migrating process. That works very easy and solid.

I just tested Local by Flywheel on my Windows10 PC with AiOWPM importing a site and editing it on Local by Flywheel. Then migrating it to one of my 5 websites. It works like a charm.
Compliments to the developer Chad!


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