Moving my locally built WP site to Local by Flywheel

This question by have been answered somewhere but I couldn’t find :slight_smile:

I have built out a WP site locally on my machine, I am using MAMP to run a server/database.
The site works fine locally. The MAMP url on my machine is http://localhost:8888/

The organization I working for Second Chance Animal has a Flywheel account.
There is a starter WP account up on Flywheel now, that is not the site I want to move.

I have installed the Local by Flywheel app on my machine.

What I want to do is:
-Add my local WP site to Local By Flywheel.
-Still be able to develop locally
-Periodically update the Flywheel version site from my local version.

I know there is a way :slight_smile:


Hey @lukedohner,

I recommend you use a migration plugin, just as you would migrate a live site to Local, or a Local site to the live environment. I explain it better in the answer below:

Another plugin to do that is called Duplicator, explained in one of clay’s answers:

If you need further help with the process let me know! :wink:

I got same question, and I’m using wp-migrate-db-pro.
But what I need is how to find the path to fill in the destination field?


Chris you are using a database migration tool (wp-migrate-db-pro) which migrate just the database and some files.
According to the print you sent, you are doing a push process, from the live website, right?
From these plugins you usually can do push and pull actions, and what changes from them is only the source of the action.

If you try to do a pull from the Local site, the values you are asking for will be already filled, so you will be able to do this process :slight_smile:
Remember that a push from the live site wont work since the live site can’t find the Local website, as it is only configured in your local network, not the public network (internet)