Need documentation or links fro how to migrate local to a third party host

I have a local site ready to be migrated to a live server. My client wants to use Go Daddy. I will be getting in touch with their support. In the meantime, I am wondering if anyone has come across some good documenation or links on how to migrate to a third party host?

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Can Local by Flywheel push to anything else but Flywheel?

Since there isn’t an official way to push from Local to hosts outside of Flywheel and WP Engine, it’s unfair to say there is a “best” way to push to other hosts.

However, I know there have been a large number of users who have had good luck with the following migration plugins:

If you’re looking only to push the database and media, WP Migrate DB [Pro] is a great option.

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clg87 - I urge you to strongly recommend your client to not use GoDaddy. You will both regret it. Every professional developer I know will not even attempt to work on a GoDaddy domain. Nothing but problems. I have a client who passed away over a year ago and I’m still fighting with GoDaddy to try and transfer the account to her daughter.

Dedicated WordPress hosts with managed sites are absolutely worth the extra cost. I’ve had multiple sites at Flywheel for almost 5 years, and can’t say enough about their excellent support. (I am a Flywheel customer and not affiliated with them in any other way.) Unless you have a simple single-page site with no background applications or functions, cheap shared hosting plans will eventually give you trouble. I recommend Flywheel to all my clients, but of course there are many other good managed WP hosts available. Good luck.

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