Can LocalWP be mindful about gitingore?

Part of trying to fit the round peg (wordpress) in the square hole (modern frontend w/ source control) is using git. Along with core WP files I omit using .gitignore, I also ignore the node_modules dir because I’m using react in my wp site instead of the admin panel to create pages in the db. LocalWP wants to download this folder and all 37,000 files inside it. I’d like to sync more frequency (or even automatically) but its a bit annoying to scroll thu a long list and uncheck boxes which is mistake prone.

Thank you.

Thinking more about this, there should ever be a use case for syncing the production site locally. It should come from version control. I sorta think this is cursed from the outset. Maybe my problem is wordpress in the first place :\

I’m, also very unclear why it thinks its adding files that already exist locally. I diff tool would be helpful along with full fille paths because I can’t tell what this is trying to do.

Hi @LMS5400

Thank you for coming into the forums!

For clarity are you trying to sync files/sites with a specific host?

If you’re new to LocalWP what was your workflow like previously? Or is this your first dive into WordPress?