Can MagicSync push one page at a time?

Hi there, We have dedicated hosting through WP Engine and were told we can push 1 page a time through Local Pro / MagicSync - I just want to confirm this is true before purchasing. Our marketing team releases lots of new content and we want to be able to release one new page at a time, instead of pushing the entire site to production each time. Is this possible? We use the Divi theme, not sure if that adds a layer of complexity. Also, I was reading about comparing the modification dates on files… will that interfere with the goal of pushing one page a time? For example, we are making edits to both Page A and Page B, but we only want to push Page A this week, and Page B will go next week.

Hey @mluxem, Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

Local is really good at deploying files, and MagicSync helps with being able to finely control what files are needed to be synced with a remote environment. However, WordPress stores the content in the database in a way that is hard to merge between various systems.

Because of this, I think that any content that the marketers create within Local is going to have a hard time deploying.

One option would be to use a plugin like Migrate DB Pro to deploy only certain pieces of content.

Another option would be to have the marketers work directly on production when creating content. For new pages, simply creating them and setting them to “Draft” should be good. And for re-working old pages, you might try the Duplicate Post plugin to create a new draft from an existing post, and then replace the original post when all the sign-off has been completed.

Hope that helps clarify things!