Pro Push/Pull to WP Engine not working

Half way through development on a project I decided to upgrade to local pro to use the magic sync functionality, but for some reason pushing or pulling using this feature doesn’t seem to do anything?

Local appears to run through the standard steps, connecting to WP Engine, making a backup, pushing/pulling files etc, but then on success no files are changed. Returning back to the Push/Pull screen just shows the same files that need to be changed again.

Anyone experienced this?

Mac OSX Catalina
Local 5.7.2+4801
Connecting to a WP Engine dev environment.

Having identical issue. Local Pro, push to WPEngine, and no changes.

macOS Catalina 10.15.6
Local 5.7.2+4801
WPEngine dev environment

I’ve also tried a couple of older versions of local 5.7.1 and 5.6.x but same issue.

I will have a go with local without pro.

Just to add that Local Free push to WPEngine works fine, slow, but fine so Pro MagicSync might just the be the culprit.

Having the same issue.

Windows 10
Local Pro Version 5.7.4+4876

Anyone from Local Pro know when we might expect a fix here? Extremely frustrating that I paid for a year upfront for pro - specifically for this feature - to find it doesn’t actually work.

I’m having the same issue, glad someone brought this up.

Mac Catalina 10.15.6
Local Pro Version 5.7.4+4876

Looks like the latest update doesn’t resolve the issue either.

Anyone from Local have a roadmap for a fix?

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