Cannot access media items or add new media items to local site

I recently pulled down a live site hosted on Flywheel to local by flywheel for dev work and a theme change. Now, on Local, I am unable to upload new media files or use media files already uploaded. I can see the media folder but I am not allowed to do anything with them.

Hi @Jennmcneely. Sorry for the trouble you’re having! Could you log into the Local site’s WordPress admin and go to Settings -> Media? If the seggint “Store uploads in this folder” has a value in it, that could be related to what you’re seeing. If there’s nothing there, could you provide the logs for your site for our analysis?

Hi Aaron,

I am not sure what the issue is so I have attached a copy of the log as well as a screenshot of the admit page. I would greatly appreciate the help. This project has been stopped as a result of this issue.



local-by-flywheel.log (194 KB)

Hi @Jennmcneely-

It looks like you replied to this thread via email, so I don’t think that screenshot was attached. Could you provide that to this thread directly, rather than via email? It might work better that way.

Here you go. Sorry about that.

local-by-flywheel.log (194.4 KB)

Here is a screenshot of my Settimgs → Media page.


I am still having the issue with not uploading media. Is there a fix for this or am I screwed?