First local site with Flywheel, so many problems

Alright, so I set up a wordpress site using local by flywheel aaaand look at all these folders it randomly created in my wp-content folder? I mean, what the heck?

I’m assuming it’s because of all the plugins I added to the plugins folder (that’s a whole other issue, adding a plugin threw the error " PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature"


Wow, that screenshot is interesting! I haven’t seen anything remotely similar on macOS and Windows.

Do you remember the steps you took before you got to this point? For instance, was this a brand new site you created in Local or did you import it somehow?

Also, what version of Local are you running?

Hey Clay,

Ok so yes it’s a new site that was created in Local. I’m using an older version of Local because updated the app kept getting stuck at like 90%…I even tried downloading the version from the Flywheel website (which was also out of date) and had the same updating error.

Next I imported a site using All in One Migration to get a jump start. I really just needed to clone a Live site using all the same plugins/design etc.

The import basically succeeded, but failed in the way that none of the plugins imported, and then garbled up the wp-content folder as you see in the image.

That’s all I got, I’m sure I’m not using best practices.

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