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Cannot activate Smart Slider 3

Issue Summary

This is the same as this issue, which was already closed.

I’m not comfortable with curl commands and I’m unsure how to find and edit/replace the /etc/ssl/cert.pem file on MacOS Big Sur (v 11.4). I need instructions for dummies :-/

Running Local v6.1.4+5521

Any help is much appreciated. @ben.turner @kfrank

Thank you!

UPDATE: I figured it out. For anyone else like me, you can access the /etc/ssl/cert.pem file in the Finder by using the Go > Go To Folder menu option and then typing /private/etc/ss/. This will open the correct folder and you’ll see the cert.pem file.

Then download the cacert.pem file from here. When the file downloads onto Mac OS, it will be named cacert.cer. Rename it to cert.pem and then drag it to the folder you opened above and allow it to replace the previous file of the same name.

I then stopped my Local site. Restarted Local, and restarted the site. When I tried activating pro Smart Slider it worked!

Thanks @kfrank and @ben.turner for your help. Much appreciated!

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