Cannot Complete Installation

Error: Command failed: /Users/dalton/Library/Application Support/Local/lightning-services/php-8.1.29+0/bin/darwin/bin/php /Applications/ --path=/Users/dalton/Local Sites/store/app/public --require=/Applications/ --skip-plugins --skip-themes core config --skip-check --dbname=local --dbuser=root --dbpass=root

dyld: Symbol not found: __ZNSt3__113basic_filebufIcNS_11char_traitsIcEEE4openEPKcj

Referenced from: /Users/dalton/Library/Application Support/Local/lightning-services/php-8.1.29+0/bin/darwin/bin/…/dylibs/libvmaf.3.dylib (which was built for Mac OS X 13.0)

Expected in: /usr/lib/libc++.1.dylib

Hey @braddalton

I think this is an issue with your OS version. Do you know what version your MacOS is on and are you able to update?

If you can’t change your OS version you might be able to get around this by using an older PHP version.

A old version of Big Sur. I installed an old version of local which works now. I have no memory left to update my Mac. Resolved, Thank You.

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Okay sounds good @braddalton thank you for following up. Glad you got things working :slight_smile:

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