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Cannot select "Custom" environment (instead of "Preferred")

I have installed Local version 5.0.4+825 on my Mac (macOS 10.14.6) .

However I cannot select “Custom” environment (instead of “Preferred”), and cannot swap neither PHP version or MySQL version.

In “Preferences”, there is Environment option in “New Site Defaults”, so I set it to “Custom” and re-create a site, but the site configuration is same as the one on “Preferred”.

I have to select “Custom” because site.conf is required to be modified.

How do you selet “Custom” environment?

Hi @5t111111,

Sorry for the confusion! The default download right now is Local 5.0.4 which is a public beta for Local Lightning. Local Lightning is the next major iteration of Local and drastically improves speed and the general user experience. For more details about the public beta and what’s next, see Local Lightning Public Beta.

Some features from Local by Flywheel haven’t been brought into Local Lightning quite yet. If you require being able to switch environments and PHP/MySQL versions, you can download Local by Flywheel 3.3.0 here: Local by Flywheel 3.3.0

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Thanks, @clay!

I will try 3.3.0 for the moment, and looking forward implementation of these features for new releases too

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