Cannot start local from cmd in a Toolbox in Linux


Basically I successfully installed Local in a Fedora Toolbox, but nothing started… I have no idea how to proceed further and which command should I eventually use to start Local from the console… I searched pretty extensively on your website and the web, but all what I found seems to assume that the interface should appear immediately after installation, which doesn’t in my case…

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think anyone has tried running Local in Fedora Toolbox. I don’t have any experience with Fedora Toolbox, but it looks like it’s a way of creating and interacting with containers. You might be the first person to try this!

My hunch is that this won’t work work because Local is a desktop Electron app that spawns various server processes like PHP/MySQL/Nginx. This means that Local isn’t really meant to be run in a containerized environment.

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