Can't acces to wp-admin of my imported wordpress

Hi everyone !

I’m new in WP and Local and I can’t figure out why I can’t connect to wp-admin when I’m using Local.
The context :
I’m using the free version of Local and I imported two versions of my Wordpress website.
The first one I made is from a Zip file containing wp-content and the DB and the second one is an entire copy of the website + the sql file.
For each one of them, when I try to connect myself to the wp-admin of the Local version, I’ve got an error that says that my username is not valid. Even when I’m using a “copy and paste” of the username and password working on the WP CMS, it’s not working.

What am I doing wrong ? Any ideas ?

Thanks for your help !


Hey @melisse

You can use the command line to view and update the user information for the site. So for example, right-click on the site in Local, and select “Open Site Shell”

From there you can list the users on the site:

wp user list

And using the username from the list, update the password for that user:

wp user update benjamin --user_pass='password123'

If that still doesn’t work, then there might be some sort of plugin or theme conflict that is preventing WordPress from logging you in.

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