Cannot open WP Admin from local

Hi, I have a problem. I can log onto Local, and can open the site I built. BUT, when I try to access WP Admin, the local site does not accept my local WP credentials to log onto the dashboard. I know the login details are correct as they are saved in a Password Safe (LastPass). I also tried to login using my email address but that was not recognised either. I’ll attach a screenshot of my local dashboard in case that suggests something to readers? I have been able to access the dashboard in the past, so I am wondering what is happening? I did update local today for the latest version. Might that have caused it? Thanks, Roger.

Hi there, Roger (@RIF-Kiwi) -

One option is to reset the admin password using this FAQ:

Do you want to try that and see if it helps?

Also, are you using the “One-click Admin” feature that should automatically log you in?

Let me know!


Hi Sam, thanks for your note. I managed to get into the .local site

Strangely when I set up my local account it asked for username and password. I assumed that set of credentials would be the credentials to use to access the WP Admin panel from local. That was not working, hence my query to the community. Then I had the idea to use my WP login credentials for our other sites. And that worked to log me into local. I may have missed that bit of information when I did the local setup. Anyway, all good now. I do appreciate your follow up though.

Thank you. Regards, Roger

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