Can't Login to Site Imported into Local

I’ve imported a site into Local. When I click the admin button to enter the site via Local, I’m asked to update the WP DB and when completed, I’m at the WP admin page, where I’m prompted to enter my username and pass. It won’t accept the live site’s login and pass. So I tried the default login I use when building a site from scratch on Local and that doesn’t work.

I found a some possible solutiosn on the forum that suggested I just use the wp admin’s default, lost password option. I tried this. It logged me as a user but not an admin and I had no access to the dashboard. When I went to the wp-admin page, it then informs me that I don’t have access or permission to view the page…I have installed and uninstalled 3 times so far.

Isn’t there an easy way to just reset the password for a site within Local? There was no option to set one up while install in the site.

I am using Local version, 5.10.1+5267

Any help provided would be amazing.

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One option is to just change wp_capabilities and wp_user_level in wp_post_meta to an administrator for your existing profile, or you could just create a new administrator using SQL, php script, or WP CLI.


I have no idea how this is possible via the Local app. At first glance this appears to instructions on what do with a live site, and editing files via my host. I have no issues with the hosted site. However, I do plan to dive into this further when I have a minute. This issue has put me two days behind so as soon as I get caught up, I’ll read the link you sent and see if I missed anything.

But, just for clarification, my issue not being able to login on the site I’ve imported into the Local app. And, in the 2 days since posting this, I’ve already tried editing the Shell via Local to add a new user and pass. That has failed to work as well.

I have also, since the writing of this post paid for the pro version and have them looking into the version of the site that I have exported from Local. Hoping between the forums and support that some kind of resolution is found.

Thanks for your suggestions on this Exninja.

Hey @abulletaway – Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

Were you able to get this working for the site that was imported into Local?

From the description of the original topic, there may have been some sort of breaking change when the database was updated. Usually WordPress prompts for a DB upgrade when there is a different version of WordPress being used between the various environments.

If you are still having issues logging in as an admin, you might try creating a new admin user with the wp-cli command. To do this, right-click on the site in Local and select “Open Site Shell.” From there, run this command to create a new admin user:

wp user create tempadmin dev@example.local --role=administrator

The tempadmin is the username, and the email can be anything really since this is just a temporary account that you should remove when you’re done investigating things.

Can you give that a try and let us know if that gets you access to the site?

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