Can't Access WordPress Local Site After Changing Admin Settings

Hello there,

I accidentally changed the URL/homepage URL in the SETTINGS of the Wordpress Admin dashboard to another URL address. Now I can’t access the admin dashboard. It redirects to a parked domain.

How can I revert the URL back to a working state?

Hey MisterChew,

You can revert the home and site url within the database directly through the Local Client via the Adminer Database tool. I made a quick video below demonstrating these steps

Here is a bullet point list of the process as well:

  1. Open your Local client and go to the Overview page for the site in quesiton
  2. Find the “Site Host” info and copy it to your clipboard
  3. Open Adminer and navigate to the wp_options table in the database
  4. Paste the localhost info you previously copied from the “Site Host” info into the siteurl and home rows leaving the protocol in place.
  5. Restart your site and you should be good to go.
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