The local VIEW SITE tab doesn't work

Good morning, everyone,
Here’s my problem: the local VIEW SITE tab doesn’t work.
I think I know the origin of my problem.
I was modifying some settings in the Wordpress dashboard, and I changed by mistake the settings of my site name, that is to say that I registered another domain name instead of the original name of my local site.
Now, when I click on the VIEW SITE button locally, it tells me that my site is inaccessible.
He advises me to check my connection, my proxy and my firewall, but apparently I don’t see anything abnormal.
I noticed nevertheless that on the tab which is in defect, it does not carry my original domain name.
My question is thus the following one, how is it necessary to make so that when I click on the button VIEW SITE this one opens the tab of my site in the course of construction?
I looked in the tab DATABASE and clicked on ADMINER but apparently all the tabs located in the LOCAL part like WP options do not contain any error, my original domain name is however well registered there.
Do you have an idea of the problem ?
Thank you in advance.
Alexandre de France

If you changed the domain from the WordPress dashboard, Local won’t know about it. Open the wp_options table in Adminer and check the siteurl and home values are what you expect. Then you can either change them to match the domain configured in Local, or change the Local domain to match them.

Good morning, sir,
Thank you for your response,
Indeed, I went to the DATABASE tab then ADMINER and “wp_options” and my domain name corresponds to the domain configured in Local.
On the other hand, when I want to click on the tab “VIEWSITE”, this one wants to open the domain name of my second website whereas this one is not mentioned in “WP Options” in “Siteurl and Home”. This is very strange.
I’ll find it eventually.
Thanks to you.
Alexandre de France.

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